How to verify honesty in your candidate’s interview

Posted 04/03/17

Hiring managers need to go back to the basics to determine a candidate's honesty during an interview.

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Managing Adverse Action Without Running Afoul of the Law

Posted 03/07/17

 If your organization uses background checks to qualify candidates for employment, chances are you will eventually find yourself dealing with adverse action notices. Here are considerations on how to set your organization up for success:

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What an HR Manager Should Know After Exiting an Interview

Posted 02/21/17

Interviews can be overwhelming, and if you aren't careful, the conversation can quickly spiral away from the subject at hand. You walk away feeling like you had a good conversation only to later realize you have no idea if the person in suited...

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5 Ways to Tell if your Employees are In Love With Their Office

Posted 02/15/17

When it comes to the success of a business, employee engagement is the name of the game. Research from Gallup found companies with engaged employees - people in love with their jobs - have higher productivity, profitability and customer ratings ...

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Should Background Checks be Used in College Sports?

Posted 02/10/17

An investigation by Tulsa World revealed how performing background checks on prospective student-athletes can help campuses keep their students safe. After University of Oklahoma receiver Dede Westbrook was revealed as Heisman Trophy finalist,...

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3 elements of a quality applicant Tracking System partner

Posted 01/31/17

Vetting individual employees takes far too much time for one person, and many businesses prefer to use an independent background screening service. Yet with so many companies available, how do you decide which is the best option? Below are three...

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Power in Numbers: Why You Should Choose a Solution with Effective Partnerships

Posted 01/24/17

As the famous John Donne poem goes, "no man is an island." We all work better together than we do apart, which is why Orange Tree recently launched The Grove, a partnership solution for like-minded businesses. 

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