5 Ways to Tell if your Employees are In Love With Their Office

February 15, 2017

When it comes to the success of a business, employee engagement is the name of the game. Research from Gallup found companies with engaged employees - people in love with their jobs - have higher productivity, profitability and customer ratings than those without. In addition, companies with engaged staff report lower turnover, absenteeism, shrinkage and safety incidents.

Here are five ways to tell if your employees are in love with their office:

1. They feel like their work is meaningful

Happy employees don't show up to the office simply for the paycheck. They believe the work they do has purpose, whether that's in support of their own goals or those of the company as a whole. These employees will also ask for more work, seeking additional assignments that better the business and make them feel accomplished.

2. They enjoy time with their co-workers

According to the Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker report, 89 percent of employees believe their relationships with their co-workers have some influence over their quality of life. This fact is understandable - many people spend more daytime hours with their colleagues than they do with their families. The survey also found that the more friends a person has at work, the more likely he or she is to love their employer.

love.jpgPeople with many workplace friends are happier at their jobs.

It's easy to tell if your employees are friends - just observe their conversations and see if they hang out outside of work. Even if these get-togethers don't happen very often, the fact that your staff enjoys spending time together is a sign they find some form of happiness in their jobs.

3. They treat management as individuals

A happy employee knows their manager is more than just a boss. These members of your staff understand that everyone - even those who tell them what to do - has their own hopes and dreams outside of the office. As such, they respect their manager's desire for work-life balance, and they're more understanding when things at work are difficult.

4. They accept failure

Failure is an unpleasant yet inevitable aspect of business - one that happy employees accept much more easily than unhappy ones. While no one likes to be in the wrong, a person who feels comfortable in his or her job is much more willing to look beyond a misstep and seek ways to improve. Those who hate their jobs are more likely to shift the blame somewhere else, to avoid either reprimand or embarrassment.

5. They act respectfully toward their managers and peers

Employees who love their jobs go beyond that traditional, somewhat timid display of office manners. Rather, they truly believe their co-workers are worthy of politeness and fair treatment. Instead of stopping at a simple "Hello" in front of the coffee pot, these employees will ask co-workers about a past conversation - for example, asking for an update on a sick pet. Engaged staff members feel like part of a team and see the value brought by their peers. They don't simply tolerate their colleagues - rather, they are grateful for their help and treat them accordingly.

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