Atlanta HR Conference Brings Professionals Together

September 26, 2018

Throughout 2018, HR professionals have been meeting for conferences where they discuss the challenges that face businesses today. The latest of those meetings occurred September 6 in Atlanta, where 925 professionals enjoyed 21 sessions from some of the top minds in human resources. The meeting was a great opportunity for attendees to share ideas and gain insights that they could take back to their own businesses.

In addition to insightful sessions, participants always benefit from networking opportunities. This ensures the benefits of the conference extend well beyond the day itself. The conference challenges participants to learn four things to take back to the office, meet three people who will impact their career, and engage in two interesting conversations at this one-day conference.


About the Conference

Called the HR Star Conference, the event was held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Atlanta at various times throughout the year. Abbington Court Media produces the event with the goal of nourishing “the garden of human resources” so that it can grow. Since 1999, the company has put together regular events, inviting top professionals in their field to lead workshops on a variety of timely topics. Qualifying organizations can send up to four of their HR team members to the conference they choose.

About the Topics

Diversity and sexual harassment were hot topics at this year’s HR Star Conference, with speakers addressing the many challenges businesses face in 2018. The keynote address, conducted by Employment Practices Specialists’ Allison west, discussed the Top HR Risks You Can’t Ignore, two of which were related to diversity and sexual harassment.

Some of the other topics covered during the one-day conference include:

  • Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Intentionality: What is HR's Role in Impacting D&I?
  • HR's Secret Weapons: The Power of AI & Analytics
  • HR Professionals as Problem Solvers: Tools that Top Mediators Use to Resolve Workplace Conflicts
  • Background Screening Trends for 2018
  • What Happens in Vegas? Sanctioning Employees for Off-Duty Misconduct
  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Tools and Skills for More Effective Interviewing

About Jeff Ernste


Among the many respected professionals leading workshops at the HR Star Conference was Jeff Ernste, vice president of sales and marketing at Orange Tree Employment Screening. Orange Tree provides Fast and Easy reliable background screening services to businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Today’s hiring managers often feel pressure to fill positions quickly in a marketplace where top talent can be tough to find. Ernste brings his 29-year career to the HR field, using that experience to help businesses come up with custom solutions to all of the hiring challenges they face. With his presentation, he highlighted some of the latest trends affecting background screening in 2018. Those include compliance topics, considerations for legal and regulatory requirements, and ways to compete against low unemployment.

The HR Star Conference will have more conferences in the years to come. To learn more about the conference, this year’s roster of speakers, and Abbington Court Media, visit

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