Bill Current

Bill Current is the author of 9 books, including "Why Drug Testing: Updated and Expanded for 2020". In 1998, he founded the Current Consulting Group, which has become the number one recognized name in the drug testing industry for compliance consulting. He created Current Compliance, the only comprehensive online subscription database on all state laws related to workplace drug testing.

What multi-state employers need to know about state drug testing laws

The creation and maintenance of a compliant drug and alcohol testing policy is essential for employers hoping to maintain a safe and productive workplace in addition to protecting themselves against costly litigation. However, navigating the drug and alcohol testing world can often be confusing. The oft-contrasting state laws and federal regulations, in addition to mandatory versus voluntary laws, make it hard to understanding when, how, and why to test.

Workplace Drug Testing During COVID-19

Here’s what we know: drug testing works! It has proven to be a powerful deterrent to drug use...