How Technology is Impacting the Employee Lifecycle

June 20, 2017
Technology has forever changed the way businesses and employees interact.
Technology has forever changed the way businesses and employees interact.

A successful, supportive employee life cycle is essential to the success of any organization. The actual steps of vary across industries and businesses within, but they all follow the same process. A potential candidate becomes aware of a job listing, applies, is interviewed and hired, completes training and joins the company. Each of these phases can a number of smaller stages within - for example, completing a background check during the hiring process or going through further corporate development after getting hired. 

That long process between discovery and termination has been irreversibly changed by technology. From the very beginning right up to the end, businesses now have better tools to make the employee life cycle more efficient for both parties.

Finding and hiring the right employee

The ways in which tech has improved the hiring process are almost too numerous to mention. Modern tools have expanded the abilities of both HR professionals and applicants to advertise, find and apply for jobs. Employers have a number of ways of making their vacancies known, including job-listing websites, social media and online marketing. Applicant tracking systems let candidates apply online and, in some cases, view the status of their applications or background checks in a way that is comfortable and convenient. For example, Orange Tree provides tools allowing candidates and human resource professionals to review or append their information with their mobile devices. This level of accessibility, brought about by tech, increases candidate engagement and sets new employees up for a successful career.

A stylish young woman looking at a smartphone.Technology has increased convenience and access for applicants.

Onboarding, training and beyond

This area is perhaps the first to come to mind when picturing how technology has changed the world of businesses. Cloud storage, Bluetooth connectivity and the Internet of Things have all left their impact on how employees complete their day-to-day tasks. But tech advances have gone beyond the average workday and extended into the onboarding and training processes. Employees can now complete and sign HR forms on a tablet and attend basic training sessions via teleconference. These options are particularly useful for corporations with offices in different cities. As Entrepreneur noted, they also allow new hires to complete forms and go through training at their own pace - features that support a more effective learning experience.

These advantages don't stop after the employee is fully onboard. Video conferences, tutorials, gamification and other e-learning methods are perfect for further career development and training programs. 

In addition, many companies are using cloud-based software applications to increase employee engagement by allowing them to set their own objectives and key results or SMART goals. The cloud aspect allows managers to oversee this process which, as Businesszone mentioned, is important for making sure everyone is on track. It also lets managers reward team members for going above and beyond their set goals.

Technology has improved the way employers, their HR staff and employees all interact with each other. Advancements within this area will only provide more benefits in the future.

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