The Benefits of Doing an Employee Recheck

November 8, 2018

We are very quickly nearing the end of the year, and there is no time like the present to take stock of your business assets, including your employees. Your business is still being held to employment laws post-hire, as it was pre-hire, so don’t get caught in the weeds by letting noncompliance occur.  Our recommendation, and the most efficient way to keep your company safe, is to conduct rechecks.

Below are a few benefits of doing an ongoing employee check on your existing employees to ensure a compliant, and successful start to the new year.

Protect Your Company

Even if you have insurance to protect your business against employee negligence, you still have a responsibility for the behaviors of your employees. By putting policies in place to routinely recheck your employees for new criminal activity, traffic violations, or license expirations, you can demonstrate that you’ve taken measures to keep your customers, your business, and the general public, safe.  

Staying in compliance with the FCRA could mean the difference between a growing business, and one that is heavily fined or has expensive class action lawsuits.  These compliance decisions can be confusing and it’s not enough to assume proper observance. Protect your business and give yourself peace of mind by doing thorough rechecks that will guarantee compliance.

Protect Your Customers

If you send employees into customers’ homes or trust them to drive your customers around, you likely don’t want anything bad to happen as a result. Even if your employees simply meet with clients in the safety of a conference, room, a substance abuse issue or criminal activity could fracture the relationship you’ve built with your customers. One incident can hurt your business for years, potentially shutting your entire company down or tarnishing your reputation in the marketplace. Ongoing checks of all employees can protect you against such a devastating incident.

Establish a Policy

Every successful initiative starts with a well-thought-out process.  The same goes for the success of your business. By committing to doing ongoing employee checks, you are establishing a policy that will protect your business.  

The process of ongoing employee checks has become an essential part of running a company, and our goal for yours is simply to be as successful as possible.  This starts with quality employees. Let us help you ensure you’re employing only the best candidates for your business.

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