The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

May 7, 2019

Companies today are emphasizing diversity hiring. A diverse workplace has many benefits, including increased motivation in employees, increased innovation, and even higher profits.

Recruiting plays a vital role in attracting the most qualified candidates and welcoming them to the company. Presenting a diverse pool of candidates and treating everyone with respect throughout the recruiting process protects and enhances the reputation of your company.

Why is Diversity Important?

Diversity has become expected in today’s business world. A diverse workforce shows your commitment to hiring candidates with a variety of backgrounds and ways of life and will help attract top talent. Appealing to a range of candidates is just the beginning, the recruiting process, hiring process, and the initial experience an employee helps to maintain your company’s reputation. It is also vital to employee satisfaction and retention.

Diversity is generally defined as accepting characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ethnicity, education, parental status, profession, and geographic location. Diversity is also a legal requirement. There are many pieces of legislation in place, at the federal and state level, that encourage diversity and defines discrimination. This legislation has made it illegal to discriminate where these laws apply as well as establishing the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees.

How Diversity Can Benefit Your Business

Aside from meeting legal requirements, diversity can also benefit your business in many ways. Bringing together a diverse group of people with differing points of view leads to innovation and creativity. You are also better able to serve a broad customer base when you have a workforce that understands their needs.

Giving your employees equal opportunities and treating them with respect motivates them. This motivation creates a healthy competition that drives up quality, productivity, and profits.

Diversity also increases tolerance and cooperation. When different people work together and communicate with each other, they also have an opportunity to learn from one another — both valuable work-related skills and cultural practices.

How Can You Promote Diversity in the Workplace?

One way to make sure you are promoting diversity is to take a closer look at your hiring practices and processes. Any situations where biases and accidental discrimination could impact hiring practices must be reviewed and remediated. Also consider how you are presenting and promoting your business in advertising, on your website, and in job postings. Review the language and images as both can send potent, though unintended, messages.

Another way to promote diversity is to make detailed hiring goals. By making your goal specific, such as 50% of management positions held by women in 10 years, you document your goal, give yourself a time frame to achieve it, and have metrics by which to measure your progress.

Leverage Technology to Promote Diversity

Your application tracking system (ATS) may hold the answer to helping promote diversity hiring for your business. You can use your ATS to rank applicants and create an intelligent shortlist. Using technology, rather than manually creating a shortlist, removes any conscious or unconscious biases, and ranks applicants objectively.

There is software available that can anonymize applications and resumes, removing names, ages, and other identifying information. Removing personal information from application materials reduces the impact of biases.

Using a trusted background screening service can help you identify qualified candidates. A background screening tool should integrate with your ATS, making your job easier and making the recruiting experience better for candidates.

How Orange Tree can help

If you’re interested in expanding your diversity hiring, you need a modern, fast and easy, candidate-focused solution that integrates with your ATS. Contact us today to learn how Orange Tree can enable you to Hire With ConfidenceTM.

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