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The Role of AI in The Hiring Industry

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Human resources staff have long been asked to do more with less. Automation and other technologies help to lower the burden of repetitive tasks, but one technology has the potential to change the way HR teams operate drastically. Artificial intelligence.

Welcome AI and Friends

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, can be used to program computers to perform often repetitive tasks. These tasks may be problem-solving, reasoning, and, most pertinent for HR, language processing. For HR, being able to leverage AI to review the hundreds of resumes and job applications received for a single job will take a huge burden off of staff.

Along with AI, there are other branches in the same field of computer science that can improve HR functions. Machine learning (ML), takes the problem solving and calculating aspect of AI up a notch. Using ML, computers can be programmed beyond calculating to recognize patterns, learn from them, and make predictions. In HR, this can be used to verify candidate experience, and personalize content for employee engagement.

Deep learning (DL) is another branch of AI and takes things even further. Computers can be programmed with advanced algorithms to learn from vast amounts of data, known as data lakes. By applying a set of parameters, DL can process and analyze data, and learn from it as it goes to recognize patterns that may be invisible to humans. Deep learning can also be used in HR for speech and video recognition, to process more candidate information, to run chatbots and personalize training for each employee.

How to Use AI in HR Hiring

There are several ways AI can help identify top talent, engage employees and create a supportive engaging environment for them. AI has the potential to make many tasks more efficient, faster and easier for HR staff.AI-in-hiring-industry-2

High-Speed Computing

The ability to use AI, ML and DL to process copious amounts of data quickly can speed up the hiring process and make it more efficient. Used along with automation to make daily tasks less of a burden, AI can help boost productivity and drive innovation.

AI can also be used to spot trends, identify issues and provide a better work experience. By quickly identifying patterns that could lead to attrition or other circumstances that may impact employee satisfaction, HR staff can adapt and find solutions before there is a problem.

Talent Acquisition

Rather than having staff skim hundreds of resumes for a job opening, AI language processing can be used to search for specific keywords and parameters to identify top candidates. AI can help speed up the recruiting process and identify qualified candidates while removing human bias from the process.

Compensation Planning

When you have talented and experienced employees, it’s essential that they feel that their compensation is reflective of their skills. AI and ML can be used to analyze compensation data across the company to ensure that employees are being compensated fairly according to their education, experience and certifications. It can also be used to identify pay gaps so they can be addressed.

Employee Engagement

In order to keep qualified candidates engaged throughout the hiring process and beyond, it’s crucial to have a human capital management plan. Using AI to leverage and process the data in your HR information system or management system, you can learn more about how employees work together, monitor their performance, and put plans in place to keep them engaged.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

In addition to keeping employees engaged, keeping them satisfied in their work and keeping them at your company is an integral part of HR. Using AI to parse through data can help identify trends across the company or in specific departments. For example, if several people leave a department after a new manager is assigned, AI can help determine that the manager may require additional training.

Are You Ready for the Future?

It would appear that the future of hiring is here, and it’s being brought to us by AI. As HR teams are being asked to take on more work with less staff, being ready to leverage technology that increases efficiency and boosts productivity is essential for success. Learn about how Orange Tree can help facilitate that success for your organization HERE.