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What You Need To Know About Education Verifications

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A job applicant’s education can be an important factor in the hiring process. A strong academic background supports the applicant’s claimed expertise, and it may be the reason why you choose them over the rest.

However, resumés frequently include inaccuracies. You need to verify your applicant’s education to ensure they have the knowledge and skills they claim, protect yourself from possible legal action, and save valuable resources required to find a replacement.

What are Education Verifications?

Education verifications confirm the degrees, diplomas, or certificates of your candidates. Attendance dates, graduation dates, and fields of study are typically verified also.

Why are Education Verifications Important?

According to a Checkster survey, 78% of candidates misrepresent themselves during the hiring process. Before making a final decision, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers need to verify all information that is important for the position they’re filling.

As an employer, you are expected to exercise reasonable care during the hiring process. Education verifications ensure your candidates have earned the credentials you’ve determined necessary to perform the job. Uncovering untruthful representations by candidates prior to hiring them can save you a lot of time and avoid embarrassing situations.

Do Job Skills Matter More Than The Educational Credential?

Maybe. This is for each employer to decide for each position. In general, there are two aspects to consider in addition to job skills: job relatedness and business reputation.

Job Relatedness
  • Is the educational credential a requirement in order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the job?
  • Often this is the case for a professional license e.g. doctor, teacher, etc. Also, any employer that’s in the educational sphere is likely to make salary/benefit decisions based on the educational credential as well as determine what courses an instructor is permitted/fit to teach.
Business Reputation
  • Is the position publicly facing or likely to be subject to public exposure such that it would be embarrassing to find out the employee does not have the academic credential they claimed to have?
  • For instance, consider a CEO who claims to have an MBA and it turns out they haven’t even earned their undergraduate degree. Thus, for executives or “positions of trust” and “face of the company”, most employers include an education verification service in their background package.
How Does the Process Work?

Orange Tree works with clients to ensure each aspect of the education verification process fits their company’s requirements.

Orange Tree verifies a single degree, or multiple degrees, per our client’s request. We offer tailored plans that may include verification for:

  • Highest degree only.
  • Highest degree and high school diploma/GED.
  • All degrees and high school diploma/GED.

We take the following steps to ensure our clients hire with confidence every time:

  • Request the candidate’s name at the time their degree/diploma was earned, the name of the institution attended, the city/state of the institution, the type of degree and subject studied, and the month/year the degree was earned.
  • Once we have confirmed the accuracy of the candidate’s information, we request verification records from the National Student Clearinghouse (“NSC”), a reputable degree and enrollment verification database. If the record is not found in this database, our verification team uses other methods for confirming the information.
  • Orange Tree makes three valid attempts over three days to contact the institution for verification. “Valid attempts” include contacting a confirmed resource. This contact is with an authorized contact in the registrar’s office or similar department.
When verification of the candidate’s degree, diploma, or certificate is not successful, Orange Tree offers the following add-on services:
  • We acquire valid documentation of the degree or diploma from the candidate. While we provide the mechanism for enabling the candidate to easily upload a copy of their credential via our CandidateConnect® portal, the client verifies that it meets their requirements.
  • We make additional attempts as defined by our client’s business requirements.

Orange Tree offers international education verifications as well.

Ready to Get Started with Education Verifications?

As your business evolves, you need a partner in the background industry who will work and grow with you. Orange Tree seeks to earn long-term partnerships that provide employers background screening programs designed for their needs and solely in their best interest.

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