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Why is it important to be PBSA accredited?

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Fewer than 2% of all consumer reporting agencies earn accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association - a nationally recognized seal of approval distinguishing employment background screening companies for their commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards and ongoing institutional improvement.

How do background check companies earn PBSA accreditation? 

To earn accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association(PBSA), background check companies must formally document all of their policies and procedures to ensure that they adhere to best practices concerning regulatory requirements, including strict consumer protections.

Why is it important to be an accredited background check company?

In particular, accreditation indicates independent validation that employment verification and screening organizations follow industry-leading standards relative to quality, data security, compliance, organizational performance and professionalism.

Additionally, the PBSA affords accredited organizations with unprecedented coverage and analyses of legislation potentially impacting the employment screening industry at federal, state and local levels. This ensures that accredited background check companies are always on top of an ever evolving legal environment at all levels of government and across the jurisdictions in which they provide pre-employment background services.  

pbsa_fullname-color_transparentOrange Tree has been PBSA-accredited since 2011 and offers clients a best-in-class search methodology fully customizable your particular line of business. We work in close consultation with your HR leaders to navigate the shifting legal environment with fast, affordable, and accurate background checks. Additionally from Orange Tree you can expect consultative Customer Care, timely education on relevant industry and compliance updates, and the commitment from us that we know how to do things right.

 How Orange Tree Can Help: 

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