Why Mobile Matters

January 28, 2019

Nowadays, people are absolutely glued to their cell phones.  With the impact and popularity of social media and text notifications, we’ve become a culture of immediacy and an expectation of full mobile access.  It may not be blatantly obvious, but this directly affects your hiring process.

When shopping around for background screening solutions, look for solutions that provide a fully mobile experience for your background screening and drug testing processes.  

Here are just a few reasons it is absolutely essential to provide a mobile screening process for your candidates.



Candidate Experience

68% of candidates continue to look for jobs until they’re cleared for hire.  By utilizing a mobile solution, you can better keep your candidates engaged with a transparent process that they can continuously check in on with their mobile phones.  

Think about it, if you hire a great candidate, then they don’t hear from you while your background screening solution takes weeks to provide their results, they are likely to move on.

45 percent of HR managers have openings they can’t fill because they can’t find qualified talent, and 58 percent say they have jobs that stay open for 12 weeks or longer. You really don’t want to lose a great candidate because you failed to communicate during the screening process.  

Prioritizing the candidate experience will automatically give you a leg up on other companies that are hiring for the same positions.

See our infographic for modern ways to keep your candidates engaged.



Ease of Access

Imagine the excitement your candidates will feel when they learn that they’re able to digitally upload documents from their mobile device.  This cuts down not just on their time, but on pesky tasks like having to scan or locate documents.

Further than that, allowing your candidates to communicate through texting cuts the response time nearly in half and eases any impatience or anxieties your candidates may be feeling during the hiring process.  This not only makes the process easier for candidates, but it also reduces questions for recruiters and decreases turnaround time.

Learn more by watching our video here!  


Turnaround Time

The fact of the matter is that it’s a candidate-run hiring environment and that means that employers have much more competition than they did in the past. This also means that when you do hire with an effective and easy process, you will start to build a successful team and thus improve your business as a whole.  

After all, a successful business really comes down to the people you employ.  Having a background screening solution that is certified, and committed to compliance is just one very important piece of that puzzle.


Connect with Your Candidates

Just as you want someone on your team who you connect with on a professional and social level, your candidate wants the same of their workplace.  By using a screening service that is mobile, you can better connect with your candidates along the way. Better yet, you can communicate in the most popular form of communication in the modern world, texting.  

Every detail in your hiring process can really make a difference in the outcome.  If you want to grow your business by hiring the best of the best, you have to be in communication with them every step of the way, not just when they sit down for the interview.  

Here at Orange Tree, we understand the need for innovation in hiring, which is why we’re committed to providing fast and easy background screening processes for every one of our customers.

Learn more about what we can offer you by scheduling a meeting with one of our brilliant team members today.


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